1. James Buck is born in Melbourne, Australia.

  2. James Buck and his family move to Britain.

  3. James Buck completes his studies at Victoria University, Manchester. He is offered a position at Oxford University to study particle accelerators.

  4. The Second World War interrupts James Buck’s work. He becomes an advisor to Winston Churchill on explosives.

  5. James Buck is revealed to have played a crucial role in the Manhattan Project. 2017 (3270 AF) Chronotex Enterprises is one of the most successful companies on Earth, employing over 100,000 people globally and always pursuing Buck’s dream. The first dinosaur tourists arrive at TimeBase 67 early in the year.

  6. Buck returns to Britain to join the Atomic Energy Research Establishment. Here he works on Nuclear Fusion and during that project notices that closed time-like curves (CTCs) are generated within the lab, causing equipment to vanish.

  7. James Buck sets up Project Chronos, building a CTC capture device, nicknaming it Godel’s Cage.

  8. The Ministry of Defence takes interest in Buck’s work, although Buck refuses to weaponise his findings. The MoD makes it clear that it will either take over the project or shut it down.

  9. In a bold move, Buck arranges a press conference with major newspapers. In what becomes known as ‘Buck’s Gamble’, he reveals that he is the first human to have travelled through time. Upon hearing laughter from scientists, he presents a live ammonite. Zoologists watching confirm the authenticity of the creature. He establishes the Laws of Time Travel and the Chronotex Foundation.

  10. Professor Sir James Buck dies peacefully, surrounded by friends and family. His last words are, ‘I never sought the maker, only to study his creation.’

  11. Buck’s biography is released, revealing that he was the first living test subject for time travel: he had risked everything for science.

  12. Prof. Dame Janet Topler becomes CEO of the Chronotex Foundation. Due to lack of donations, Chronotex Enterprises is founded, to safeguard Buck’s work and to exploit his legacy commercially.

  13. The first TimeBases are set up. At this stage, each base is built purely for scientific endeavours.

  14. After some of the advance party team are fatally wounded by a female Dakotaraptor, a second team successfully establishes a foundation for TimeBase 67.

  15. TimeBase 67 is founded on 1 April. The first scientists arrive and begin their research.

  16. Topler and the Executive Board decide to open TimeBase 67 to the general public. This bold decision emanates from Buck’s guiding principle that the past is to be unlocked for future generations.